Looking for peace and justice?  So are we.  UU-WC is about forward-thinking and acting for justice and love in our communities and beyond.  Join us.

In recent years, we have:

  • Created and supported an LGBTQ group:  Infinite Rainbow.  The group meets monthly, and has gone to pride celebrations, supported people as they came out, and are partnered with other local groups.
  • Given space to a support group, Mentally Interesting Medina.
  • Begun partnership with a local refugee shelter, planning to help with food, education and other necessities.

Got an interest of your own you’d like to get involved with?  Tell us about it.

The First Universalist Church of Westfield Center welcomes people of all ages, spiritual or Humanist backgrounds, cultural origins, differing abilities, sexual orientation and gender identity. We unconditionally support one another in a search for lasting values that guide individuals and families to create a just and loving world.  We are an Open and Affirming Congregation.